Tobias Buckel: Raumaufstellung

23 June until 7 August 2016
Opening: 23 June, 19.30 h
Pool, 2016
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Galerie Sturm is pleased to present the solo exhibition ‘Raumaufstellung’ by Tobias Buckel.

Tobias Buckel creates tension in his paintings through representational references within abstract compositions. Whenever the artist juxtaposes coloured areas and formal arrangements on the canvas, references to the everyday world always seem to appear. He thus makes it clear that an abstract image is sometimes just one step removed from a representational piece composed of a combination of areas where the colours have been specifically selected, while purely abstract images often rely on figures or objects that the viewer associates with the piece.

Horizontal and vertical lines dominate the paintings in Tobias Buckel’s latest show “Raumaufstellung” (“Space”). This formal language, carefully chosen by the artist, makes the paintings appear very flat at first. But this flatness is disrupted again and again whenever perspectives are indicated or adjacent patches of colour evoke spatial depth. A closer look reveals that the canvases have been painted over in some spots many times over, with a whole range of colour layers superimposed one over the other. Some of the pieces on display show different priorities, but Buckel manages to create numerous cross-references among the paintings.

Before styding painting with Thomas Hartmann at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberand graduating from Chelsea College London in 2011, Tobias Buckel had already completed a degree in communication design. While design is driven especially by a concern for functionality and a symbolic language oriented to the consumer, Buckel’s paintings do just the opposite. He queries the essence of painting itself, not its relationship to other art forms such as photography or sculpture. His arena is the canvas and the relationship among colours, shapes, and surfaces in the medium of painting are the centre of Buckel’s work.

Jürgen Dehm

Opening hours: Thu 6 – 8 pm and Sun 3-5 pm and by arrangement (0049 176 780 916 35)

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