Gloria Zein:  ohne Helm und ohne Hose

28 April until 12 June 2016


Galerie Sturm is pleased to announce Gloria Zein’s solo exhibition “ohne Helm und ohne Hose (neither helmet nor pants)”.
Predominantly known for her installations related to architecture, for interventions within the public space and for large sculptures mostly made of industrial materials, Gloria Zein’s recent exhibition comprises of rather small-scale ceramics that she has created during the past three years.

Desks of perforated steel plate function as display devices for variously glazed ceramic objects, telling of the architecture-related aspect, which is inherent in her work. The constructive and functional, serial character of the industrial material contrasts with the soft and organic forms of the handmade ceramics; its raw and rational surface contradicts the glazing of the objects, which is characterised by random freckles and gradient colours, often evoking flesh and the human body. The combination of objects and desks stages the relationship between an underlying structuring scaffold and a cover providing individual visage – a relationship that defines not only architecture, but also the individual and society, as well as nearly all other complex constructs whose prefiguration can be identified with the symbolic form of the body itself.

It is not easy to decide whether the structure providing symbolic form – the skeleton of the perforated plate desks – is laid bare underneath the organic ceramics, or on the contrary, if it is still to be covered. Moreover, the ceramics present themselves as likewise ambivalent. Appearing on the scene like charred residues of an originally sound and intact, possibly dulcet form, and reminding of prosthesis, corsets or medical bandages, they evoke wounds and vulnerability; at the same time, there is a trace of violence. Bespeaking a prior destructive force, they confront the beholder bare and disarmed, without helmet and pants, but they needle with their resistance and refuse to forget and to conceal. Presenting their wounds, patches and corsets, the objects confront us without any aloofness, distance or pudency, and unveil their face in the mirror of which future conflicts appear like writing on the wall.

Anna Grande


Opening hours: Thu 6 – 8 pm and Sun 3-5 pm and by arrangement (0049 176 780 916 35)

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